The Gitty Gang Show #68 – Veterans Day Episode

Did you miss The Gitty Gang Show this past Friday? No worries. We’ve got you covered. Here’s the entire video for your viewing pleasure, plus some time stamps for you to get to the most important segments in the show.

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These New Resonator Cones Are Perfect For Cigar Box Guitars

Have you seen the new Hubcap Resonator Cones from C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply? If you’re a maker or tinkerer, these cones will spark your interest. That’s because things like these always get you thinking, “What other everyday items could be re-purposed in innovative ways?”

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Shane Speal Interviewed by Offbeat for NOLA Cigar Box Guitar Fest

Shane Speal’s goal is simply stated: “I want to help make New Orleans home to the premier cigar box festival in the world.”

A musician and historian hailed as “King of the Cigar Box Guitar” and the man responsible for the instrument’s recent revival, Speal spoke with OffBeat from his backyard woodshop in York, Pennsylvania as he put final touches on a handmade cigar box guitar—he’s built more than 2,000 since 1993.  >>Read more…

Awesome Classical Cigar Box Guitar Album Reviewed

Captain Nemoff Cigar Box Guitar Album

Check out the review of this amazing album by cigar box guitar virtuoso Captain Nemoff. If features a range of Classical-style instrumental songs arranged for and performed on cigar box guitars and other homemade instruments. Shane Speal has this to say in his review: “ In my honest opinion, this is one of the greatest cigar box guitar albums in the history of the modern movement.  Not only is Nemoff an incredible guitarist with one foot in the classical tradition, but he’s also got one foot firmly in the cigar box guitar ethos… mixing lo-fi acoustic and electric tones brilliantly in each piece.  My heart is overjoyed as I listen to this album.”

Click here or on the image above to read the full review on and get the direct CDBaby preview/purchase link. This album needs to be in your cigar box guitar library!

The Who’s Who of Cigar Box Guitar Performers

Samantha FishWe have been busy compiling the definitive database of performing musicians from around the world who regularly incorporate Cigar Box Guitars and other homemade/handmade instruments into their stage acts. Check out the first 13 entries here!

This is a work in progress and we have more artists to add, so don’t panic if you don’t see your favorite CBG musician yet! Also please note that this list is limited to musicians who are actively touring or frequently performing public shows in front of live audiences (including busking).

“Self Medication” – New Blues Album from One Hand Dan featuring Homemade Instruments

Untitled-1The new album “Self Medication” from One Hand Dan Russell on C. B. Gitty Records is a rich collection of deep, swampy blues steeped in the mud and heat of the Mississippi delta. Dan joined up with a seasoned group of musicians to create this studio album, laying down his unique, energetic vocal style over their solid and smooth bluesy backup. Dan added his own instrumental flare as well, playing a range of handmade and homemade instruments, including cigar box guitars and license plate guitars.

You can listen to sample tracks and buy the album in MP3 form on via this link. It is also available from iTunes, Spotify and many other digital music providers.

You can learn more about Dan and his unique story from his entry in our Who’s Who of Cigar Box Guitar Performers.

Shane Speal – Seduced Into Crafting: My Life as a Sound Searcher

Shane Speal was recently invited by the business community of York PA to deliver a PechaKucha* speech on the art of crafting.  He used the opportunity to express how the cigar box guitar changed his life.


Source:  York:Crafted, a series of events featuring brief lectures on what it means to be a craftsman in York, PA.

*PechaKucha speech format allots for 20 slides/20 seconds per slide.

York:Crafted official Facebook


CAROUSEL uke kit

Video Documentary on Argentinean Cigar Box Guitar Builder

This short documentary was put together by a group of student filmmakers. From the Vimeo post of the video:

“A glance into the life of Luis Schmied, an Argentinean banker whose true passion has always been music and happens to be a very talented maker of handcrafted cigar box guitars. He shares what sparked his curiosity for this peculiar hobby, his technique to make each instrument unique, and the emotion he gets by peoples’ response to his craft.”

Inside The Box – Short Documentary from Vinnie Zullo on Vimeo.

It’s Microwave Dave Day!

Microwave Dave Onstage - Trace“Microwave” Dave Gallagher is one of the giants of the Cigar Box Guitar performance world, and a legendary figure in and around Huntsville, Alabama. He has been a big part of Huntsville’s cigar box guitar festival over the years and this year has been honored by the city with his own day – June 28 is officially Microwave Dave Day!

In honor of this special day, has published a nice article that tells the story of Microwave Dave, the man and the musician.

Click here or on the image to the right to check out the article.

John Nickel and Joe McCormack talk Cigar Box Guitars on Absolutely Alabama TV Show

Our friends John Nickel of Nickel Cigar Box Guitars and Joe McCormack of ALNA Cigar Box Guitars recently spent some time in front of the cameras, talking cigar box guitars with Fred Hunter of the Absolutely Alamaba TV show. John and Joe run the world’s first cigar box guitar retail shop down in Huntsville, Alabama, and are the center of an amazing community of builders and players in that area. 

Get Rooted! A Celebration of Playable Art gathers Australian performers and builders for a day of cigar box guitars

On Sunday, May 31, cigar box guitar builders and performers converged at The New Globe Theatre in Queensland Australia for the Get Rooted Festival. Organized by Penny Nelson, the fest featured headliner, The Nigel McTrustry Cigar Box Explosion who delivered a blistering set.

Other performers included Miss Gertrude on hub cap guitar, the Jollie Angelinas featuring Mama JuJu, Dusty Stockroute and a cigar box guitar workshop by Pat Curley.

The fest also featured instrument vendors including hubcap guitars and cigar box amps by Krazy Kaatz Guitars by Barry Kaatz along with cigar box guitars by Rob Brighton of Stogey box strings.

Special thanks to Nigel McTrusty for photos and information!


Summer 2015 Cigar Box Guitar Festival Guide

Huntsville 2015 CBG has just posted the Summer 2015 guide to all of the main cigar box guitar festivals taking place in the United States and abroad. From the oldest festival (11th annual in Huntsville, AL) to the ones just getting started, it’s going to be a great year for CBG fests! Come on out to the ones nearest you to see great live music, check out cigar box guitar vendors and meet some of your fellow enthusiasts.

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