Gitty Gang Show #124 | Homemade Music Is Amazing [VIDEO]

Watch the entire Gitty Gang Show episode #124. In this episode, the Gitty Gangsters share performances by Jimmy Driftwood and A.j. Gaither. Plus, you get to see Watt Corner and the triumphant return of At The Bench With Gitty, and a whole lot more!

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The Gitty Gang Show Episode #121

In this 121st episode of the Gitty Gang Show, the Gang breaks the mold with their musical performances. Additionally, you’ll see outstanding audience-submitted videos and photos, and a whole lot more!

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Gitty Gang Show Episode #119 Debuts “Eastwood Station”

It’s the Gitty Gang Show! In this 119th episode, the Gang share audience-submitted pictures and videos, discuss an alternate cigar box tuning, songwriting, and play a bunch of foot-stomping tunes including an original train song by Dan Woodman titled Eastwood Station. Open this post to join the good times.

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Episode #118 of The Gitty Gang Show | Birthday Surprise

In this 118th episode of The Gitty Gang Show, Ben “Gitty” receives birthday cheer by surprise. Plus, the Gang fills the episode with train song performances, a how-to video, and the usual high jinks that are certain to keep you coming back for more.

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The Gitty Gang Show #68 – Veterans Day Episode

Did you miss The Gitty Gang Show this past Friday? No worries. We’ve got you covered. Here’s the entire video for your viewing pleasure, plus some time stamps for you to get to the most important segments in the show.

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