[FREE TAB] 2 & 3 String Tablature for Copperhead Road by Steve Earle

Learn how to play Copperhead Road by Steve Earle on your 3-string cigar box guitar and 2-string bass with the free tablature in this post. Continue reading “[FREE TAB] 2 & 3 String Tablature for Copperhead Road by Steve Earle”

Free 2 & 3-String Tablature For Yesterday by The Beatles

Learn how to play Yesterday by The Beatles on your 3-string cigar box guitar and 2-string G-Bass with the totally free tablature in this post.  Continue reading “Free 2 & 3-String Tablature For Yesterday by The Beatles”

Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones tries out a Cigar Box Guitar

Ronnie Wood with Cigar Box GuitarCigar Box Nation recently broke the story about legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood trying his hand at a cigar box guitar. Turns out it was a Daddy Mojo built by our friend Lenny Robert. Get the full details from the feature article over at CigarBoxNation.com!

Product Feature: The Electric Delta 3-pole Cigar Box Guitar Pickup

Electric Delta 3-pole Cigar Box Guitar PickupFINALLY! An inexpensive magnetic pickup for 3-string Cigar Box Guitars!

For years, cigar box guitar builders have been asking for 3-pole pickups specifically for 3-string cigar box guitars, but that has always been the rather pricey realm of the hand-wound pickup makers. Now, those days are over, with the introduction of the C. B. Gitty “Electric Delta” 3-pole single-coil pickup. With its laser-engraved wood-top bobbin, wooden bobbin base and pre-wired 1/4″ output jack, popping one of these little growlers into your next cigar box guitar build is a no-brainer.

Priced as low as $16.99, this pre-wired pickup system is ready to install, no soldering or additional wiring required.

Check them out here at the C. B. Gitty web store.

New Cigar Box Guitar Video Lessons from Shane Speal

Shane Speal Cigar Box Guitar Video LessonsWe just added a new entry to the free cigar box guitar knowledgebase here on CigarBoxGuitar.com – a series of 5 video lesson in which “King of the Cigar Box Guitar” Shane Speal shows you some of the most famous blues riffs, licks and turnarounds. With these quick, easy-to-follow lessons, you’ll be sounding like one of the blues masters in no time.

From the classic blues “walkdown” lick to some more advanced runs, Shane presents this foundational how-to material in a clear, approachable way.

So grab your cigar box guitars, tune them to Open G “GDG”, and get ready to start belting out some blues!

Video Documentary on Argentinean Cigar Box Guitar Builder

This short documentary was put together by a group of student filmmakers. From the Vimeo post of the video:

“A glance into the life of Luis Schmied, an Argentinean banker whose true passion has always been music and happens to be a very talented maker of handcrafted cigar box guitars. He shares what sparked his curiosity for this peculiar hobby, his technique to make each instrument unique, and the emotion he gets by peoples’ response to his craft.”

Inside The Box – Short Documentary from Vinnie Zullo on Vimeo.

You’ve never seen a Cigar Box Guitar quite like this one…

Michael Van Slyke's Aluminum Frame Cigar Box GuitarCigar Box Nation member Michael Van Slyke of Texas recently uploaded this photo of a custom 6-string cigar box guitar he built. Check out that custom-shaped aluminum bar stock outer frame! This is the sort of creative and innovative work is inspiring for builders everywhere.

Click the image to the right to see the full-size photo, or click here to check out Michael’s page on Cigar Box Nation where some of his other creations can be seen. Michael is one of thousands of amazing, innovative folks on Cigar Box Nation creating cigar box guitars and other wacky homemade instruments. If you’re ever short on inspiration for your next build, spend a few minutes browsing through the photos over there and you’ll soon have no shortage of ideas!


Shane Speal plays The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood” on the Cigar Box Guitar

This is the classic Beatles song, beautifully rendered by Shane Speal on his stage-beaten and time-worn Macanudo 3-string cigar box guitar. Shane really captures the dark and subtle depth of this simple yet nuanced tune.

Cigar Box Guitar Inspiration from Glenn Watt

Need a dose of cigar box guitar-related humour and motivation? Read Glenn Watt’s latest blog post:


Glenn is quickly becoming one of the most active and insightful voices of the cigar box guitar and handmade/homemade music movement. His mixture of inspiration and humility, humour and plainly stated how-to information can be useful and instructive for both new builders and veteran CBG-ers.

C. B. Gitty sings the Ice Bucket Blues for ALS Challenge

Ben “C. B. Gitty” Baker was recently called out to do the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Never one to just pour a bucket of icewater over his own head all willy-nilly, Ben gathered up the C. B. Gitty crew and headed up to the roof of Gitty Mills to sing a little blues and take care of business.

In the next few weeks Ben and the Gitty workshop crew will be making custom guitars from those paint cans, and listing them for sale at $100 each on the C. B. Gitty web store. Half of the proceeds of those guitars will be donated to the ALS Foundation.

Got a Cramped Workspace? Here’s 4 Tips to Make the Most of It

Have you got a tiny workshop? Have your building projects been relegated to a closet-sized area in the home? Do you feel like you are trying to fit a massive holiday family dinner for the whole clan onto a quaint little table for two?

Follow my four tips to overcome the obstacle of space limitation and enjoy the time you have in your own little workshop.

Continue reading “Got a Cramped Workspace? Here’s 4 Tips to Make the Most of It”