New How-to from Glenn Watt: Installing a Mini Humbucker in a Cigar Box Guitar

Click the image to view the full article.
Click the image to view the full article.

In this new knowledgebase entry, Glenn walks you through installing a C. B. Gitty Snake Oil Mini Humbucker in a cigar box guitar. As his example guitar he uses one of the popular “Mi Amor” 3-string CBGs that he designed. Color photos illustrate each step of the process with explanatory text.

If you have been wondering about how to dive into using mini humbuckers on your special builds, this is for you!

New Cigar Box Guitar Performers added to “Who’s Who” List

Richard JohnstonWe just added a few more entries to our growing “Who’s Who” list of actively touring musicians who regularly feature cigar box guitars and other homemade/handmade instruments in their shows. Here are the most recent entries:

We’re now up to 21 entries in our roster, with more to come!

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Open G Tunings

Cigar Box Guitar StringsOpen G “GDG” is the de facto standard tuning for 3-string cigar box guitars, but a lot of first-time builders have trouble figuring out how best to achieve it. In this article from our how-to library, Ben “Gitty” Baker walks you through different ways to get an Open G “GDG” tuning on your 3-string cigar box guitar. He covers 4 different configurations from a low, growling bassy setup to a higher pitched, more banjo-like treble configuration. There are even sound clips so you can sound what each setup sounds like.

There are also similar articles for a number of other popular tunings, so dive on in and become a Open G expert!

Sally Struthers with a Cigar Box Guitar

Sally StruthersSally Struthers stopped by C. B. Gitty headquarters a while back to check out the operations and pick up a cigar box guitar for a good friend.

The vivacious star of “All in the Family”, “Gibson Girls” and hundreds of on-stage performances was good enough to pose here with one of Gitty’s custom models.

Check out our Celebrity Cigar Box Guitars gallery here on to see more photos of celebrities with our favorite homemade instrument!

The Free Plans that Launched the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution

Free Cigar Box Guitar PlansThese free plans, originally written by Ivan Sucharsky and recently updated, have been the starting point for thousands of new cigar box guitar builders. Based on the original cigar box guitar plans formulated by Shane Speal, they have been edited to bring them up to date and re-published on is the home of the cigar box guitar and homemade/handmade music movement on the Internet, and if you haven’t checked it out (or haven’t visited for a while), you should click on over and give it a look. Also the Cigar Box Nation Facebook Page is the premier news magazine for all things CBG and homemade instrument related, with multiple news items, articles and features every day!

The Who’s Who of Cigar Box Guitar Performers

Samantha FishWe have been busy compiling the definitive database of performing musicians from around the world who regularly incorporate Cigar Box Guitars and other homemade/handmade instruments into their stage acts. Check out the first 13 entries here!

This is a work in progress and we have more artists to add, so don’t panic if you don’t see your favorite CBG musician yet! Also please note that this list is limited to musicians who are actively touring or frequently performing public shows in front of live audiences (including busking).