Awesome Classical Cigar Box Guitar Album Reviewed

Captain Nemoff Cigar Box Guitar Album

Check out the review of this amazing album by cigar box guitar virtuoso Captain Nemoff. If features a range of Classical-style instrumental songs arranged for and performed on cigar box guitars and other homemade instruments. Shane Speal has this to say in his review: “ In my honest opinion, this is one of the greatest cigar box guitar albums in the history of the modern movement.  Not only is Nemoff an incredible guitarist with one foot in the classical tradition, but he’s also got one foot firmly in the cigar box guitar ethos… mixing lo-fi acoustic and electric tones brilliantly in each piece.  My heart is overjoyed as I listen to this album.”

Click here or on the image above to read the full review on and get the direct CDBaby preview/purchase link. This album needs to be in your cigar box guitar library!

“Self Medication” – New Blues Album from One Hand Dan featuring Homemade Instruments

Untitled-1The new album “Self Medication” from One Hand Dan Russell on C. B. Gitty Records is a rich collection of deep, swampy blues steeped in the mud and heat of the Mississippi delta. Dan joined up with a seasoned group of musicians to create this studio album, laying down his unique, energetic vocal style over their solid and smooth bluesy backup. Dan added his own instrumental flare as well, playing a range of handmade and homemade instruments, including cigar box guitars and license plate guitars.

You can listen to sample tracks and buy the album in MP3 form on via this link. It is also available from iTunes, Spotify and many other digital music providers.

You can learn more about Dan and his unique story from his entry in our Who’s Who of Cigar Box Guitar Performers.

Free Cigar Box Guitar Blues Album

tempDid you know that there’s a bunch of free cigar box guitar music available over at It’s true! For years, CBN members have been contributing to compilation albums that are then made available for free download.

Here’s a great one to get started with: the 2012 Cigar Box Nation Blues album, made up of 27 tracks that are a mix of originals and covers.

One of the great things about the Cigar Box Nation community is the massive amount of free music offered by our musicians. So…what’s the next great download album gonna be?