The Who’s Who of Cigar Box Guitar Performers

Samantha FishWe have been busy compiling the definitive database of performing musicians from around the world who regularly incorporate Cigar Box Guitars and other homemade/handmade instruments into their stage acts. Check out the first 13 entries here!

This is a work in progress and we have more artists to add, so don’t panic if you don’t see your favorite CBG musician yet! Also please note that this list is limited to musicians who are actively touring or frequently performing public shows in front of live audiences (including busking).

2 thoughts on “The Who’s Who of Cigar Box Guitar Performers”

  1. Unfortunately we are not able to offer hard copies of the tablature at this time. You should be able to print out what you need though using a standard printer, not sure why you didn’t have any luck with it.

  2. How can I get some copies of all the tablature on your web site?
    I tried to print them, with no luck.
    I made a three sting and in the process of a four sting.

    Thanks. —Stan

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