Amazing Grace Tabs for 3 and 4 string Open G Cigar Box Guitars

New_Britain_Southern_Harmony_Amazing_GraceGlenn Watt and Ben “Gitty” Baker wrote up a great piece on a brief history of this classic and included some of their interpretations for Open G – GDG Cigar Box Guitars.

Amazing Grace is great first stop for new musicians. It’s instantly recognizable and once you get the notes down, you can change up the order and find many more songs hidden within the same framework!

Click here for the full article with two versions of this songs for 3-string Cigar Box Guitars

There is also a version available for 4-string guitars as well, tuned GDGB. You can find it here.

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How to install a Pre-Wired Magnetic Pickup from C. B. Gitty

54-020-01 How-to Guide Pages
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Installing a magnetic pickup into your Cigar Box Guitar can really help builders sell their guitars, as well as open up the instrument to a world of new and interesting sounds and styles.

In this how-to article, Glenn Watt shows you how you can take C. B. Gitty’s Pre-wired 4-pole Single Coil Pickup harness, and install it into your guitar.

The installation guide can even be used for other styles of Single-Coil pickups as well, making it a great guide to save into your favorites for your next build.

Home on the Range – Tab for Cigar Box Guitars Tuned to Open G GDG

“Home on the Range” started out as a poem in 1872, penned by Dr. Brewster. M. Higley.

It wasn’t until 1933 when Bing Crosby recorded a new version of the American West’s unofficial anthem, that the song’s popularity was rejuvenated and it was cemented in the American Songbook.

Below you can find the free PDF tablature for the song’s fairly straightforward melody.

It is a great one to break out when picking alone on the porch or fireside sessions!

Home on the Range Tablature for Cigar Box Guitars
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“In the Pines” – Cigar Box Ukulele Lesson by One-Han Dan Russell

One-hand Dan Russell plays a mean Ukulele, and in this video he shows you how to play classic Folk song “In the Pines” on your Cigar Box Ukulele.

This song has been covered by many different bands and artists over the years, some from vastly different genres of music ranging from Country legend Dolly Parton to grunge Superstars Nirvana.

Check out the video how-to play lesson below.

Click here for the knowledge base entry that contains the video and an attached chord chart!

Add a little Boogie to your Monday

Boogie Woogie in G Cigar Box Guitar Tablature
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Today’s FREE PDF download is a steady walk up and down a scale that has formed the basis for a large number of blues songs over the years.

Originally tabbed out for Cigar Box Guitars tuned to Open G, this riff will also work for any of the other 1-5-1 tunings!

The best part about scales like these is that you won’t need to go past the 5th fret to play an entire song!

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Carrickfergus – Tablature for Open G GDG Cigar Box Guitars

Our newest entry into our library of free tablature is the melody for the song Carrickfergus, recorded as “The Kerry Boatman” by Dominic Behan in 1965, though the origins go back even further to the 18th century.

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Iko Iko (Jock-A-Mo) – One-String Canjo Tablature

Iko Iko was first released in 1953 by Sugar Boy and his Cane Cutters, under the title “Jock-A-Mo”. It wasn’t until 1965, when the Dixie Cups covered it as “Iko Iko” that it made the charts.

The subject of the song is based on the traditional confrontations disagreements between two Mardi Gras Indian tribes.

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More info about the subject on the Wikipedia article.

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“Apache” by The Shadows – Tab for Open G – GDG Cigar Box Guitars

“Apache” is the newest addition  to our expanding tab-list for Cigar Box Guitars tuned to Open G – GDG. As an instrumental piece, this tab will also work beautifully for other 1-5-1 tunings.

Click here for the free tab!

This was arranged by Nick Lanciano at the request of a member of the Cigar Box Guitar community.

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“Ballad of the Green Berets” – Tablature for One-String Canjo

Recently we brought you a versio of “The Ballad of the Green Berets” for Open G Cigar Box Guitars. Today we bring you a simple tab version meant for one-string Canjos.

The tab includes the basic melody, as well as the first verse of the song. The melody can be used for the remaining verses of the song as well.

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