Learn to play “Little Drummer Boy” on 3 & 4-string Cigar Box Guitars

Pa rumpa pum pum!

Gitty has recently found a bit of a Rosetta Stone when it comes to tablature for 3 and 4-string Cigar Box Guitars and in the spirit of Christmas, we are sharing some new tabs of some classic christmas songs.

Today’s offering is one of the most recognized Christmas Songs, The Little Drummer Boy. Click the link below to grab the FREE PDF for the instrument of your choice!

3-String Cigar Box Guitar
4-String Cigar Box Guitar

Handy reference chart for Ukulele Chords

This handy chart from C. B. Gitty gives you all of these chords and more in wall-poster form. Click this image for more details!

When learning how to play a new chord on your Ukulele, it’s very handy to have a resource on hand that lets you quickly glance at the chord shape and make any necessary corrections so the notes ring out true.

Following that, we have created a chart for standard 4-string Ukuleles and other instruments tuned gCEA.

You can get the free printable graphic sheet below.

Easy Uke Chords Sheet Screenshot
Click the image above to view the printable sheet.


How to Play Cigar Box Guitar – The very BEGINNING lesson!

So you made yourself a cigar box guitar, or perhaps received one as a gift and are wondering where to start when learning how to play. This video is a good place!

Shane covers everything from how to hold a pick, to how to place the slide to get the best note.

Click here for the new knowledge base entry.

What would you like to see in our next video? Let us know in the comments!

April Mae & The Junebugs – “I Don’t Care if the Sun Don’t Shine”

On Monday, September 25th, the Cigar Box Nation Facebook page brought the world premiere of a new music video Cover  of the song “I Don’t Care if the Sun Don’t Shine” from April Mae & the Junebugs!

Previous artists to cover the song were Dean Martin and Patti Page. It was even one of the first recordings done by Elvis Presley!

Their version is sure to be stuck in your head and get your toe tapping.

Give the video a watch below!

Build Me Up Buttercup – Tab for Open GDG Cigar Box Guitars by Glenn Watt

Click here for Glenn Watt’s Video lesson

Build Me Up Buttercup is an irresistable, toe-tapping song that was originally released by the Temptations in 1980.

The following knowledge base was crafted by Glenn Watt contianing tablature for both the melody of the song, as well as a version with supporting chords.

As a bonus, there is a video of Glenn teaching you how to play this song on your guitar!

Click here for the free lesson or click the image above to jump to the video!