Free 2 & 3-String Tablature For Yesterday by The Beatles

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Learn how to play Yesterday by The Beatles on your 3-string cigar box guitar and 2-string G-Bass with the totally free tablature in this post.  Continue reading “Free 2 & 3-String Tablature For Yesterday by The Beatles”

New Tablature for Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir by Guest Contributor Ben “Uke” Rouse

Click the image above to view the knowledgebase article for this tablature.
Click the image above to view the knowledgebase article for this tablature.

A few days ago we shared an awesome video of UK-based Ben “Uke” Rouse playing Led Zeppelin’s classic song “Kashmir” on a 3-string cigar box guitar. Well after a huge hue and outcry, Ben has worked out tablature for his arrangement, so that now you can try your hand at it too!

Ben has been a professional ukulele player and mandolinist in the UK for years, and only recently (VERY recently – he first picked up a CBG only a couple of days before creating the Kashmir video). You can find out more about Ben here on his FaceBook page.

We’re very happy to feature this here on, and hope to be presenting more of Ben’s tab arrangements soon.


3 New Cigar Box Guitar Tabs Added: Auld Lang Syne, Here Comes Santa Claus and O Come All Ye Faithful

We’ve just added 3 new pieces of 3-string cigar box guitar holiday tablature to the library. All three were arranged and tabbed by Glenn Watt, who during the Christmas rush of orders has taken over from Ben/C. B. Gitty as the resident tab-master. Click the links below to check out each – all 3 even include videos by Glenn showing you how to play the songs!

Auld Lang Syne

Here Comes Santa Claus

O Come All Ye Faithful

This is probably the last batch of holiday songs we’ll be adding this year, so we hope you are able to put them to good use, and we also wish all of you a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season.

Cigar Box Guitar Tablature Library added

We have just created a new section of the knowledgebase here on which will host a growing library of tablature for cigar box guitars, with a focus on the popular Open G “GDG” tuning style.

We have added a few initial pieces of tablature and more will be coming soon. Click the image below to check out what has been added so far!

WagonWheel PDF Image