Auld Lang Syne – 3-string Open G GDG – Cigar Box Guitar Tablature

This is the popular Scottish New Year’s celebration song Auld Lang Syne, as arranged and tabbed by Glenn Watt.

Learn how to play “Auld Lang Syne” on your 3-string cigar box guitar with the free, downloadable tablature pictured below. Just click on the image to access the tab and get ready to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new.

3-string cigar box guitar tablature for Auld Lang Syne

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7 thoughts on “Auld Lang Syne – 3-string Open G GDG – Cigar Box Guitar Tablature”

  1. Just bought a 3 string cigar box guitar Open GDG from ‘Fletch” and he recommended that I go onto your website for information on how to play it. I’ve just downloaded a number of songs that I know in order to try and pick them out. Having just turned 80 and looking for a new challenge, I thought this would be just the thing for me.
    Wish me luck
    Peter Blyth . aka Pedro

  2. So I’m pretty new to the CBG world, so new in fact that I’ve never played one. I’m also a committed DIYer and am gathering the tools and materials to make my own. I’ve been playing, modding and relating electric guitars for years, so I reckon my first CBG build should not take too long…but long enough that I won’t have it in time for New Years Eve to play Auld Lang Syne. What to do? Well, as I considered this, I happened to glance over at my Resonator guitar. It’s tuned to open G, my fav tuning for playing slide. So, I picked it up, tuned the 2nd string to A and slapped a capo across the strings right behind the fifth fret. VoilĂ . I now have a GDG tuning and by ignoring the three lower strings and playing the three upper at capo five, I have a CBGish sounding instrument. The longer scale of my resonator at 25.5″ being capo’d at the 5th fret really gets me close to the tone of the real deal. So, now I can ring in the New Year and at least be in the spirit of the CBG culture. Thanks for posting this tab for the occasion.

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