Learn to play “Smoke On the Water” on your Cigar Box Guitar with just ONE FINGER! [Video Lesson in Link]

Deep Purple "Smoke On the Water" Album CoverPretty much every would-be rocker of a certain age knows the opening riff to Deep Purple’s classic “Smoke On the Water”.


Fortunately, playing this riff on an open G “GDG” cigar box guitar is so darn simple it only takes one finger! In this video lesson, I walk you through how to do it, with simple tablature notation provided as well.

And hey, once you have the opening riff down, the rest of the song is just a bunch of notes and rhythm and stuff, no problem easy-peasy. Does anyone even know how the rest of the song goes? I’m not sure I do.

So grab your CBG and give this riff a try today!