Video: How to Install a Piezo Pickup in Your Cigar Box Guitar

In this video, CBG craftsman Glenn Watt shows us how to install a basic pre-wired piezo & jack harness (such as C. B. Gitty’s product #50-014-01) in your cigar box guitar. It really is that easy to electrify your homemade instrument!


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3 thoughts on “Video: How to Install a Piezo Pickup in Your Cigar Box Guitar”

  1. I just ordered a Pure Simple CBG Kit and am fairly excited (understatement) about its pending arrival. I also saw some cool amp kits and thought maybe I would like to “accessorize” my CBG eventually. My question is, will the piezo transducer work in my case where the neck is on top of the box?

    Thanks for this video, and for the build tune and play for the kit I bought – the video was the determining factor in buying your kit vs someone else’s. Good Job!

  2. I salvaged a piezo transducer from an old Sonalert alarm. Have to be careful cutting the Sonalert apart, and the wires are delicate, but if you have one lying around, it’s free! I think smoke alarms use the same transducer, and they are easy to find as they are required to be replaced every ten years.

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