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8 thoughts on “Cigar Box Guitar Tablature”

  1. I have been playing open C blue Grass on a Baritone Ukulele (gCEg). I have a Cigars Box Guitar tuned DGBD and can play all the tunes on it in G but I am looking for tabs for blues both country and delta.
    I use only finger picking thumb index and ring fingers.
    Is there any place to find books sheet music or Tabs as well as any vide.
    I get to slide latter.
    I am also building 2 Cigar kits with my grand sons.

  2. I used to play six string on a regular basis. In 2013 May I had a very bad motorcycle accident that ended me up with stroke related brain damage. I miss playing so much. I have acquired 2 cigar box guitars since because I ‘ve lost the strength and speed of my left hand and arm. I like very much Now is the time to get back into playing so I’m really going to get off my duff starting now. Please any suggestions welcomed.
    Cheers and thank you.
    Steven Bakos

  3. G’day from Bridgetown in Western Australia,
    I have just received my new box guitar made by Ian Fletcher (Fletch). Ian also put me on to you guys.
    I’m so excited to be adding this box guitar and the learning of it to our music at MDVMusic. This website and learning resources are fantastic and I’ve just signed up to the newsletter. Looking forward to staying involved and becoming part of the cigar family.
    Thanks very much
    Yours gratefully,
    Marisa De Vattimo
    Bridgetown, Western Australia (Home of the Blues @ Bridgetown Festival)

  4. After losing some mobility in my left hand due to a minor stroke, I could no longer play my guitar and figured my playing days were over. Then I saw a video of a guy playing a three string CBG and immediately got on Amazon and found a little thirty five dollar CBG. Assuming I can play it, I plan to find a better one. I love music and was a little depressed that I could never play my guitar again. Now I have renewed hope. Looking forward to receiving my CBG and learning to play it.

  5. Just received my cigar box guitar songbook volume 1 perfect for a beginner just getting started playing cigar box 3 string.

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