Belinda Gent (bemuzic)

Musical styles: Blues, Folk
Handmade instruments played: Cigar box guitar, diddley bow, cigar box bass, canjo…

She doesn’t have a distinct recollection of how she was introduced to music, just that is was always around her growing up. Belinda Gent can’t even cite a particular musical influence in her family, but the spark to create was deep inside her. Continue reading “Belinda Gent (bemuzic)”

Ben Prestage

Musical styles: Florida Swamp Blues, Mississippi Blues, Old-Time Americana, Originals

Handmade instruments played: cigar box guitar, cigar box fiddle, Lowebow

Ben was raised near the Everglades in Florida with nothing but the blues playing in the house. His grandfather’s influence made certain that Mississippi blues specifically helped to shape the boy’s musical interests.
Continue reading “Ben Prestage”

Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan – 3-string Open G GDG – Cigar Box Guitar Tablature

Open G GDG Listing Image

The 3-string cigar box guitar tablature in the PDF link below will show you exactly how to play the melody and chords for the song Blowin’ in the Wind, written and performed by Bob Dylan. This is one of the best known of Dylan’s songs, and is a bona-fide folk anthem. It also has a nice easy-to-play melody and chord structure. Continue reading “Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan – 3-string Open G GDG – Cigar Box Guitar Tablature”