Open D “DAD” Cigar Box Guitar Tunings and String Sizes Article – with Sound Clips!

Cigar Box Guitar StringsC. B. Gitty has published another how-to article in his series of popular cigar box guitar tunings, this one focused on the “DAD” Open D tuning. This article follows up on the last one that covered GDG, and even goes one step further by including sound clips of how each of the 4 DAD varieties sound on the same cigar box guitar.

The string sizes and combinations recommended in this article are not just theoretical exercises of what should work – Gitty actually strung a 25″ scale cigar box guitar up with each set, and then used that guitar to record the sound clip. In doing so, he made some tweaks to the string gauge lineup to make sure they were just right.

Take a look, have a listen, and consider giving this great tuning a go in one of your cigar box guitars!

Click Here to view the Open D DAD Tuning Article

Why the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution Really is a Revolution

Back in the mid 1990’s, Shane Speal played a primary role in the rediscovery of the cigar box guitar. Drawn to their primitive, raw sound and power, and how far removed they were from the main-stream musical establishment scene, he declared the start of the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution.

Cigar Box Nation LogoThese days, 20 or so years into the modern CBG revival, people sometimes roll their eyes or scoff a bit when we still refer to this movement as a revolution. I am here to tell you it still is, and I just a reminder of why this morning.

A couple of days ago, I posted a knowledgebase article on Zero Frets, with the goal of introducing cigar box guitar builders to this often overlooked or misunderstood topic. This morning I found in my inbox a comment from a man who is a luthier, and runs a website dedicated to luthiery. I will not name him or his site, that is not the point of this blog post. Suffice to say, it is the sort of site where the subcellular structures of certain strains of Sitka spruce grown in certain soils, and the effects of all of that on tonal quality, are discussed.

His comment on my zero fret article was this, and I quote: “Utterly wrong. Sorry. Indefensibly so. Back to the drawing board.”

Immediately, I thought “what did I get wrong”? Continue reading “Why the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution Really is a Revolution”

Open G “GDG” Cigar Box Guitar Tunings and String Sizes explained by C. B. Gitty

Cigar Box Guitar StringsCheck out the new knowledgebase article here on, in which Ben “C. B. Gitty” Baker explains exactly how to achieve the popular “Open G” GDG tuning on your cigar box guitar.

This tuning is the de facto standard for playing the blues on cigar box guitars, and in this article Gitty walks you through the 4 different ways that you can tune to GDG, and covers the string gauges that you’ll need for each.

Plus there’s a bunch of other good info in there about strings and tunings, to help you start figuring some of it out for yourself!

Cigar Box Guitar Free Album Feature – Rolling Stones Tribute

Cigar Box Guitar enthusiasts have been busily recording original and tribute/cover albums for years, and over at Dan Sleep has diligently been organizing all of it into a single page of free downloads. In this post we are featuring the tribute album to the Rolling Stones that Cigar Box Nation member “407bug” organized last year.

Like most of the albums organized by CBN members over the years, this one mostly features homemade instruments and a wide range of styles and methods – and did we mention it’s free?

Click here to visit the Cigar Box Nation Free Albums Download Page, then scroll down a little to find the Rolling Stones tribute link. Clicking on the download link will take you to an external site where you can download the ZIP file that holds the MP3s (because of copyright issues the actual tracks can’t be hosted on CigarBoxNation itself).


Zero Frets – What they are, and Why and How to use them on Cigar Box Guitars

This photo shows a fretted cigar box guitar with a zero fret installed. We'll be showing you how (and why) to do this in this article.
This photo shows a fretted cigar box guitar with a zero fret installed. C. B. Gitty shows you how (and why) to do this in this article.

We have just added a new how-to article by Ben “C. B. Gitty” Baker to our knowledgebase, which deals with the topic of zero frets. Zero frets are sometimes considered an arcane topic by cigar box guitar builders, and in this article Ben tries to demystify them, showing you in simple terms and clear pictures what they are, why to use them and most importantly how to use them.

Click Here to View the Zero Fret Knowledgebase Article

Cigar Box Guitar Inspiration from Glenn Watt

Need a dose of cigar box guitar-related humour and motivation? Read Glenn Watt’s latest blog post:


Glenn is quickly becoming one of the most active and insightful voices of the cigar box guitar and handmade/homemade music movement. His mixture of inspiration and humility, humour and plainly stated how-to information can be useful and instructive for both new builders and veteran CBG-ers.

Gitty’s Guide to Junking and Picking for Cigar Box Guitar Building (and more!)

We have just posted a two-part article to the new Sourcing Materials section of our knowledgebase, in which Ben “C. B. Gitty” Baker shares some of what he has learned about finding great stuff to make cigar box guitars and other homemade/handmade instruments out of. Ben shares with you the sort of rusty gold he looks for, where he looks for it, and how he goes about the art of effective buying.

Part 1 of Gitty’s Guide to Junkin’ and Pickin’ for Cigar Box Guitar Building

Part 2 of Gitty’s Guide to Junkin’ and Pickin’ for Cigar Box Guitar Building

We’ll be adding more good info to the Sourcing Materials category in the future, so be sure to check back!

3rd Annual Chicago Cigar Box Guitar Festival: Nov. 7 & 8

This is the third year for the Chicago Cigar Box Guitar Festival, and check out that line-up! Click on the poster image below to go to the site where you can get all the info. This festival has quickly grown into one of the best ones in the country. C. B. Gitty is helping to sponsor the event this year, and rumour has it Ben “C. B. Gitty” Baker will be flying out to take part in the festivities. Be there if you can!
3rd Annual Chicago Cigar Box Guitar Festival

New Tabs for Canjos Posted

Canjo TablatureWe’ve been diligently adding new song tablatures for one-string canjos to our knowledgebase. If you haven’t looked it over lately, you should! If you don’t own a canjo, well you either need to build one or check out the American Canjo Company store page and get one, so you can get busy pickin’!

Click here to check out the Canjo Tab section of our Knowledgebase!

New Video How-To: Making your own Cigar Box Guitar Fretboard

Glenn Watt, CBG GuruTake a few minutes and watch the new addition to our knowledgebase here at – a well-done video how-to lesson from CBG Guru Glenn Watt on how you can get started on making your own cigar box guitar fretboards with just a few simple tools!

Click Here to view the Knowledgebase Article!

C. B. Gitty sings the Ice Bucket Blues for ALS Challenge

Ben “C. B. Gitty” Baker was recently called out to do the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Never one to just pour a bucket of icewater over his own head all willy-nilly, Ben gathered up the C. B. Gitty crew and headed up to the roof of Gitty Mills to sing a little blues and take care of business.

In the next few weeks Ben and the Gitty workshop crew will be making custom guitars from those paint cans, and listing them for sale at $100 each on the C. B. Gitty web store. Half of the proceeds of those guitars will be donated to the ALS Foundation.

Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” on a Cigar Box Guitar? Heck Yeah!

If you haven’t seen/heard this yet, you have to check it out. Shane Speal and Aaron Lewis, a member of Shane’s Snake Oil Band, belt out an awesome bluesy version of the King of Pop’s “Billie Jean”. This was recorded at a Pennsylvania public radio station. For more vids and clips of Shane Speal’s Snake Oil Band in action, visit!