Video: How To Install Fret Markers on your Cigar Box Guitar Fretboard

In this video how-to, Glenn Watt walks you through a great way to add fret position markers your cigar box guitar fretboard using wooden dowels. While a lot of folks are happy with just using a Sharpie or woodburning fret marks into their fretboard, using inset fret markers looks really good and definitely can give a build a more professional look. If you’ve consider it but thought it too hard or too much effort, think again! Glenn shows you just how quickly you can add this great feature to your next build.

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3 thoughts on “Video: How To Install Fret Markers on your Cigar Box Guitar Fretboard”

  1. If you use a straight edge diagonally between the fret slots to form an X ,you can mark the center with out having to measure. Really accurate way to do this.

  2. Glenn why don’t you put the dowel thru the underside of the fretboard and have it stick out a bit on the front then saw it off the underside? You won’t see the saw marks in case you slip with the saw

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