One-hand Dan Cigar Box Ukulele Video Lesson – “Hold On”

Here is a lesson on playing the cigar box ukulele from “One-hand Dan” Russell. In it he shows you how to play the song “Hold On” By the Alabama Shakes. Use the ukulele chord forms below to help figure out the chords Dan is playing in the video. These chords are for a standard soprano, concert or tenor ukulele tuned gCEA.

C - 0 0 0 3 F - 2 0 1 3


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4 thoughts on “One-hand Dan Cigar Box Ukulele Video Lesson – “Hold On””

  1. Hi Dan,
    What a coincidence! I am starting to teach ukulele and was thinking of trying to get my 8 year old niece into it. She was born missing the fingers on her left hand and I have been trying to think of different ways to make a pick holder for her. I see that you have already done the research, so if there are any tips you can give me I would greatly appreciate it. Contact me directly if you can and thank you for the additional inspiration. Music is for everyone!

  2. Thank you so much! I thought that I was making a CB uke that I wouldn’t be able to play,but you have shown me that it can be done one-handed. I am really looking forward to more videos finding more videos of yours. Plus you do sing great. Loved the video, once again Thank you!

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