White Christmas 2-String G-Bass Tablature

With the free tablature in this post, you’ll learn how to play one of the most beloved Christmas tunes, and the world’s best selling single, White Christmas, on your 2-string bass.

That’s right; in this post you’ll find free 2-string bass tablature for the best selling song of all time, the world over – White Christmas. Written by Irving Berlin and popularized by crooner Bing Crosby, White Christmas was composed in sunny Los Angeles, California while songwriter Berlin longed for a white Christmas up north.

Now you can learn how to play the bass line, as imagined and arranged by C. B. Gitty’s own Glenn Watt, to this Christmas classic on your 2-string bass guitar, such as the C. B. Gitty G-Bass. Simply click on the image below to download your tab now.

White Christmas 2-string G-Bass tablature by C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply

If you’d like some help reading tablature, watch this short video tutorial. While the video is for 3-string tablature, the information therein applies to 2-string basses as well.

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