Little Bitty Performed By Alan Jackson – 3-String Cigar Box Guitar Tab

Little Bitty 3-string tab post featured image

Learn how to play Little Bitty, as performed by Alan Jackson, on your 3-string cigar box guitar with the free-to-download tablature in this post.

What better way to enjoy the simple things in life than by learning to play Little Bitty on your 3-string cigar box guitar? This upbeat country classic, written by Tom T. Hall and recorded by Alan Jackson, tells a story of the little things that make life so special. The only thing missing from that story is a cigar box guitar. So, why not add your own? Just click the image below to download the free tablature, arranged for 3-string cigar box guitars tuned GDg.

Little Bitty 3-string cigar box guitar tablature

If you’d like a little help learning how to read tablature, check out this simple, step-by-step video tutorial.

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