[VIDEO] Hobo Bill’s Last Ride | Gitty Gang Show #115

Hobo Bill's Last Ride

Yodeling fans rejoice! See Jimmie Rodger’s Hobo Bill’s Last Ride skillfully performed by Gitty Gangster Dan and Ben “Gitty” Baker on Gitty Gang Show episode #115.

In the newest segment added to the Gitty Gang Show titled Hobo Junction, Dan and Ben play Hobo Bill’s Last Ride.

Written by Waldo O’Neal and popularized by Jimmie Rodgers who is widely considered as the Father of Country Music, Hobo Bill… has a mournful yodel that Gitty Gangster Dan sings terrifically in the video below.

Do you get as excited about hobo history and music as the Gitty Gang? Check out the Hobo Fiddle below…

Hobo Fiddle kit from C. B. Gitty

Pictured above is a completed Hobo Fiddle kit inspired by the one Ben “Gitty” plays on stage. Click here to get your own sweet-sounding Hobo Fiddle (yodels not included).

After seeing the Gang perform Hobo Bill’s Last Ride are you inspired to build a big box guitar like the six-stringer Dan played? Check out the article below in which Ben “Gitty” describes how he built the guitar.

Click here to read more about building with bigger boxes.