Video Lessons: Famous Blues Licks and Turnarounds for Cigar Box Guitar – by Shane Speal

If you have ever wanted to learn how to easily play some of the most famous and recognizable blues riffs and turnarounds on your cigar box guitar, this video series is for you! Shane Speal sits down with his video camera and a 3-string cigar box guitar (tuned to Open G GDG), and walks you through five of the best-known blues riffs that we’ve all heard hundreds of times. Each lesson is just a few minutes long – you’ll be belting out the blues in no time!

Lesson 1: The Classic Blues Lick

Lesson 2: Variations on the Classic Blues Lick

Lesson 3: The Peach Rundown

Lesson 4: The Nasty Pull-off Lick

Lesson 5: The Grinding Lick

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3 thoughts on “Video Lessons: Famous Blues Licks and Turnarounds for Cigar Box Guitar – by Shane Speal”

  1. Do you every tab any of this stuff out? 64 year old retired no musical back ground at all, just listen to the blues man, and it’s easier for me to listen to the song a couple of times here at the computer then go sit on the couch with the tabs and kind of figure things out that way. And I can’t remember stuff, old age starting to set in bummer huh?
    So any way I thank your time, have a good one, keep on a pickin’

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