Jack White builds a Diddley Bow in about 1 minute

“Who says you need to buy a guitar?”

In this video clip from Dave Grohl’s “It Might Get Loud” documentary, Jack White builds a diddley bow in a cow pasture. He spends just over a minute doing it, and the last step is to tack on a single coil pickup and plug in to the amp stack he has standing by. He ends with the line quoted above. Why indeed? Continue reading “Jack White builds a Diddley Bow in about 1 minute”

Jason Farthing (The Budrows)

Musical styles: Blues, Hillbilly stomp, Rock, Americana, Originals

Handmade instruments played: cigar box guitars

He didn’t start build cigar box guitars until 2007 but he was bit by the artistic bug much earlier in life. Jason Farthing was drawing his favorite super heroes as a wee lad which is something that ultimately led to his love for the visual arts. That love turned into some of the finest custom painted cigar box guitars one can find. Continue reading “Jason Farthing (The Budrows)”