Little Drummer Boy 2-String G-Bass Tablature

Learn the bass line to the to the song Little Drummer Boy with the free 2-string tablature in this post.

Little Drummer Boy, originally titled Carol of the Drum, was written in 1941 by Katherine Kennicott Davis.  The popular Christmas song has been covered by many artists since it was first recorded in 1951 and continues to be a favorite among carolers. 

Now you can learn how to play Little Drummer Boy  on your 2-string bass, such as the C. B. Gitty G-bass, by downloading the totally free tablature in this post.

Click the image below to download the tab.

Little Drummer Boy 2-string G-Bass tablature

If you’d like a little help learning how to read tablature, watch this video. While it covers how to read tablature for 3-string guitars, the same principles apply to your 2-string G-Bass

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