Hymn for Her

Musical styles: Blues, Country, Psychedelic, Punk, Originals

Handmade instruments played: Cigar Box Guitars, Lowebow

Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, are the married couple that makes up the two-piece band that is Hymn for Her.

Wayne is the band’s rhythmic driving force, playing kick drum, and high-hat while managing a guitar (or banjo, or cigar box guitar), harmonica, and vocals. Lucy tears up a cigar box guitar or Lowebow, sometimes a banjo or acoustic guitar. Plus, her vocals lend a softer note to their gnarly blues-infused, uptempo psychedelic country.

The musical duo travels coast to coast in an Airstream trailer with their daughter, nanny, and dog. Not only does their family live in the trailer while on tour, but Lucy and Wayne also use it as a studio while on the road to record their music. Hymn For Her also tours abroad, hitting Europe and elsewhere with their unforgettable, foot-stomping sound.

Lucy and Wayne play a multitude of instruments simultaneously, which makes them sound like a much larger band. In trying to describe a listener’s experience, Lucy said, “I would say if they’re working on the roof, hammering some nails and listening to us, they will fall off the roof. It’s fall off the roof music.” -quoted by Sarah Cure of al.com.

Find Hymn for Her here: http://hymnforher.com/wp/

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