Free Balalaika Plans

Free Balalaika PlansExperienced cigar box guitar builders know that studying traditional & conventional folk instruments is a great place to pick up new tricks and methods for building CBGs.

These free plans are for a 3-string, triangle-body Russian instrument known as the Balalaika. They were written by James H. Flynn, Jr. in the early 80’s and some time ago he made them freely available. This version of them are listed on, the site of the Guild of American Luthiers.

Click the image to the left, or click here, to view the full how-to guide in PDF format.

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8 thoughts on “Free Balalaika Plans”

  1. I have spent quiet some time in Russia and have never been able to walk past anyone playing one of these instruments.
    I have spent my life involved in music, i taught for fifteen years which was the most wonderful thing to be able to do, you can see the one,s with a natural telent.
    As the son of a master carpenter and joiner i had a very front line education though sometimes over perfected idears of his trade, he did thoughtout this manage to teach me a lot, and i do enjoy working with wood, to me its a way of making a bit of would be firewood into something that will outlive me.
    So far i have made a couple of guitars and seven or eight harps, all i am informed going strong with little on no tuning problems.
    I notice that you information says that i can get a set of plans free, which i find impossible to leave without asking for a copy of same for this three string instrument.

    I await your reply with
    Great interest
    Yours very Sinserely
    John Laccohee-Joslin

  2. Same. Balalaika plans not found…error 404 comes up a lot on this site. Thanks for your help.

  3. Looking ro build a balalaika. The plans you had on this site are no longer available. Was wondering if you could.please post them one more time? Thanks.

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