Cigar Box Ukulele Kit Assembly Guide

36-009-01 Guide Pages
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This is the full how-to guide from C. B. Gitty’s Cigar Box Ukulele kit. While written with a focus on assembling the kit C. B. Gitty sells (which includes all of the parts and hardware you need in one easy package), this how-to guide is a good general introduction to building a cigar box ukulele, and could be useful if you want to try it on your own from scratch.

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2 thoughts on “Cigar Box Ukulele Kit Assembly Guide”

  1. As you have discovered, standard guitar tuners (like the Shane Speals) have longer shafts than Uke tuners, which usually means they won’t work very well on ukes. One thing you can do is try to wind the strings lower on the tuner shafts, down towards the surface of the headstock, to try to make up for this.

  2. Hi, Looking for some help. I recently replaced the tuners on my “Penny Candy” Vaudeville Uke with Shane Speal Signature 4-String Cigar Box Guitar Tuners, now the action is too high. Is there a difference between Cigar Box Guitar tuners and Cigar Box Uke tuners? Any suggestions on how to improve the action on my Penny Candy. Thanks

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