Cigar Box Guitar Lesson: How to Play Led Zepplin’s Dancing Days

Shane Speal Dancing Days 4-string cigar box guitar lesson

In this post, you’ll learn how to play Led Zepplin’s Dancing Days on a 4-string cigar box guitar from Shane Speal.

For this video lesson, Shane Speal used a 4-string guitar built from a C. B. Gitty Tupelo Tenor Electric Box Guitar Kit.

The guitar tuning used here is G-D-G -B, and you’ll need a slide that covers all four strings to play along.

To help you learn this iconic rock song, Shane includes on-screen tablature indicating at which frets you’ll need to place your fingers and slide.

Learning Dancing Days on your 4-string cigar box guitar has never been easier!

Get the same awesome sound Shane has in this video by getting your own 4-string Tupelo Tenor guitar from C. B. Gitty.

C. B. Gitty Tupelo Tenor Electric Box Guitar Kit



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