[VIDEO] Cigar Box Guitar Tuner Bushing Drilling Tutorial

How to drill for tuner bushings

In this post, you’ll learn a terrific way to drill holes for cigar box guitar (CBG) tuner bushings from a video recorded by CBG community member Marty Tauber.

Have you ever tried drilling for tuner bushings and in so doing ruined the entire tuner hole by drilling all the way through the headstock?

Countersinking for tuner bushings can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a drill press.

If you’ve tried to countersink for a tuner bushing using a hand drill and a twist drill bit, you know that the bit wants to pull all the way through the wood.

This can leave you with a tuner hole that fits the bushing but is much too large and loose for the tuner shaft.

Our good friend and Wickedbucker pickup winder Marty Tauber recorded a video to demonstrate how you can effectively drill a tuner bushing hole without drilling through the headstock.

Even though Marty uses a drill press in the video, the same results can be achieved by using a hand drill on a CBG neck that’s been securely clamped to a work surface.

See the video below.

Click here to see the tuner and bushing Marty used for his video.

Click here to see the headstock template Marty used to mark the hole to be drilled.

Click here to read more about how to install cigar box guitar tuners.

Click here to see Marty’s widley acclaimed hand-wound magnetic pickups.

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