Swing Low Sweet Chariot – 3-string Open G GDG – Tablature for Cigar Box Guitars

Swing Low Sweet Chariot is one of the best known African American spirituals/hymns, reaching back into the 19th century and still sung today. It can be played either as a slow, plaintive hymn or done faster in a more jazzy/bluegrass style if desired. More info about the history of the song can be found in the Wiki article here.

This version of it has been arranged and tabbed by Glenn Watt.  Glenn provides both the tablature and words for the song, as well as a video showing his take on how to play it.

You can view the printable tablature sheet by clicking on this link or image below. You can also watch the video below where Glenn shows you how he plays (and sings) the song in a fast bluegrassy style on his 3-string cigar box guitar tuned to Open G “GDG”.

Click the image above to view the print-able tablature sheet.