[CANJO HACK] How To Remove A Can-Top Without Tools

In this post, Ben “Gitty” Baker shows you how to remove the top of a beverage can to be used for making a canjo.

Canjos are some of the most uncomplicated and most enjoyable instruments to craft. With little more than a stick, some wire for a string, and a cast-off beverage can, you can craft a fully playable folk instrument in no time.

In celebration of that simplicity, in the video above, Ben “Gitty” Baker shows you how to remove a beverage can-top without tools. After removing the top, the can is ready to be installed onto your canjo neck.

Tap into Ben’s wealth of experience and get more of his building tips in this How to Build a Canjo – 120-page How-To Manual.

How to build a canjo manual

The guide walks you step-by-step through building a one-string fretted soup can canjo, and also discusses several topics including:

  • Using alternative types of cans (beer cans, flat tins, oil cans & more)
  • Electrifying your canjo
  • Fretless canjos
  • Multi-can canjos
  • and much more!

Don’t have the time to craft your own canjo neck? Get a perfectly fretted canjo neck from Gitty!

Fully-fretted Diatonic One-String Canjo Neck

Handmade in the C. B. Gitty workshops in the state of New Hampshire, USA, we work hard to make sure our canjo necks are a high-quality product! We use these same necks on our own various canjos as well as in our Complete Canjo Kit.

Speaking of complete kits, make sure to check out Gitty’s Complete One-String Canjo Kits here. No fuss, no muss. Just build and play.

One-string Canjo Kit by The American Canjo Company

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