John Prine’s “Paradise” Performed By Ben “Gitty” Baker & Dan


In this post is a video of Ben “Gitty” Baker’s live performance of John Prine’s heartbreaking folk song Paradise with help from “Gitty Gangster” Dan.

Played live on the Gitty Gang Show episode #115, Ben “Gitty” picked up his hobo fiddle and, along with Dan on the six-string Coke crate guitar, did Paradise justice with heartfelt vocals.

The song tells the tragic tale of a town that no longer exists. Torn down due to health concerns for the people over the coal-fired plants nearby, Paradise is a reminder of the scars left behind from strip-mining once the industry leaves.

If you love the sound of Ben’s hobo fiddle (heard in the video above) as much as we do, check out the Hobo Fiddle DIY Kit. With a couple of everyday tools and a few hours, you can build your own sweet-sounding hobo fiddle, too.