How-To Video: Installing a Magnetic Pickup Harness in a Cigar Box Guitar

If you have been wanting to try a magnetic pickup in your a cigar box guitar, but weren’t sure where to start, check out this new video from Glenn Watt. Glenn walks you through the installation of C. B. Gitty’s “Florentine Screamer” pre-wired magnetic pickup harness from start to finish, giving you all of the know-how you need to dive into your next build.

2 thoughts on “How-To Video: Installing a Magnetic Pickup Harness in a Cigar Box Guitar”

  1. Usually around 1/4″ is where the pickup should be from the strings. The closer it is to the strings, the “hotter” the response will be. When using the tremolo, you will usually have a separate bridge that the strings will go up and over, in front of the tremolo… and that bridge should be at the exact scale length measurement from the nut.

  2. what is the clearance between the magnetic pickup and the strings on a 4 string cbg?
    Also when installing the wammy bar should it be installed so that the tremalo is 25.5″ from the nut?
    I am using the 1960sTeisco style from cb gitty

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