Cigar Box Guitars get a mention in Rolling Stone

The humble Cigar Box Guitar recently got a mention in Rolling Stone, at least the online edition. In listing the 20 most iconic guitars, Bo Diddley’s rectangular electric guitar came up and they mentioned how he used to build his own cigar box guitars, and even gave one to Dick Clark once. Check out the Rolling Stone page here.

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  1. The only consideration to this kind of build that I can see, is the piezo not pushing as heavy a signal as the magnetic pickup. If you find you are not getting a steady enough signal from the piezo, a pre-amplifier can help boost it. If you intend to use both at the same time, the pre-amp doubles as a method to blend the two pickups together.

    You will also want to insulate the Piezo (encasing them in hot glue has worked for us) and grounding the whole circuit to your metal bridge or tailpiece will help avoid any potential issues with feedback.

  2. Hi.

    I’m new to this and determining what equipment to use for my first build. I see a couple of other people have asked about installing a piezo pickup and a magnetic/humbucker. Is there any inherent problem with constructing like that (with 3-way switch) ?


  3. You can find a pair of end nippers at Home Depot or Lowes for a decent price. They are a decent substitute over more expensive alternatives.

    You may find you need to file the top of them flat, to get closer to the edge of the fretboard.

  4. Any recommendation for good fret cutters that won’t break the bank? Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi Ben,
    I was wondering if you would start building tenor uke fretboards/necks. Some folks with larger fingers find it difficult to play when frets are so close together. Tenor necks are easier because the frets are wider apart.
    BTW… thank you so much for a top notch run business. I could buy my parts from so many other places now but I get such great service and quality from you, why would I want to go anywhere else…

  6. Hey CBN! I’m Willy Won Arm the Boogie Bastard! More a lyracist than musician. Your site is Fan F’ing Tastic! Mid February I hope to buy a CB Amp, and Tin Can Mic. I plan to assemble them myself. I told my guitar partner I have more respect for CBG and amp builders than Fender, Stradivarous, Gretch, and others because a CB was 1st, they copied did somethings better but… When I order, CD set, can I get Boogie by Anna May and the June Bugs? Can order be shipped in plain package is speaker hole cut, a little later I plan to put a tube amp in there. Any problems? Thanks!

  7. Hi Ben, Glenn & Shane!
    I’m loving you videos of the shop and places you travel, it awesome! I would like build a custom 6-string guitar with your wooden Box, and I wondering if I could attach the 4 band Pre-amp EQ to the Jack and add LP style pickups?

  8. Basically prepping the box just requires cutting a hole of the appropriate size in the top to accept the cone. We hope to be able to do a resonator how-to vid or article one of these days.

  9. Hi guys, I am wanting to Build a resonator using one of the new cones you have. I have been looking for info on how to prepare the box for the cone. Can’t find anything. Sure would love to see Glenn do a build and make a video of how to. Thanks, loyal customer. A.J. Nuckles

  10. Didn’t see another place to post, so I’m posting here. Just want to thank you for your excellent customer service. You guys have been most helpful, in a day and age where it seems increasingly difficult to get good service, it’s most appreciated. Be sure to tell the lady at the end of the phone how pleasant she is and how much it is appreciated. You guys have my loyalty!

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