Glenn Watt and Kenny Rogers on Cigar Box Guitar Building

We have a feed of Glenn Watt’s blog here on the front page of, but his most recent post deserves some special attention.

In it, Glenn uses the words from Kenny’s famous song “The Gambler” as a motivational road map to building cigar box guitars (and doing pretty much any other DIY project as well).

Whether you’ve built one CBG or several hundred, give this a read. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

2 thoughts on “Glenn Watt and Kenny Rogers on Cigar Box Guitar Building”

  1. Sorry we didn’t get to this comment sooner!

    With Cigar Box Guitars it all comes down to preference on how it looks and sounds.

    We still use screened grommets for some of our builds and the guitars sound great! If you like the look of em, keep them on there and use as many as you think will accentuate the build.

  2. Glenn, Howdy…I have enjoyed all your videos. I have built 3 dulcimers and now my first cigar box guitar. I have 2 questions…sound holes. I bought 1: screened sound hole covers from C B Gitty. My questions are….how many to use for optimal sound.??? I have heard that the screens sometimes hamper the sound a bit…so is it better to remove the screens?? Thanx for any help you can give. I know you are very busy and I am enjoying this new venture thanx to my son. Have a great day.

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