Using Four (!) Piezos in a Cigar Box Guitar for Percussion Effect

four piezos

Cigar box guitar builders go to great lengths to reduce tapping noises in their acoustic pickups.  However, an ingenius builder/performer from Australia, known as “Chick Who Tinkers” has taken the opposite approach.  She has wired her cigar box guitar with four individual piezos to enhance tapping, rhythm and thumps as she plays.

Her design uses four small piezo pickups that are connected straight to a guitar jack.  No volume or tone pots are used.  This allows 100% signal to go to the jack.

Here’s how she wires it up:

  1. Twist the two black wires together and the other two black wires together.
  2. Then twist those two doubles together to make all four black wires into a single, well connected twist/current.
  3. Then loop the single twist onto the guitar jack and solder in place.  One solder is much easier than many.
  4. Repeat for red wires.
  5. Hot glue gun the piezos on the underside of the sound board.
She wires two piezos under the bridge to capture the vibrations of the strings, and two at the sides for percussion.


piezo sampler