Daily Tip: Choosing a Volume Pot for your Cigar Box Guitar

A 500KOhm Potentiometer Volume Control for Cigar Box GuitarsYou can use either 250KOhm, 500KOhm or 1000KOhm (1MOhm) audio-taper potentiometers (pots) for disk piezo volume controls in cigar box guitars. C. B. Gitty recommends the 500KOhm, but it is always good to do some experimenting to discover your own preferences.

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Daily Tip: Using Rod Piezos in Cigar Box Guitars

Rod Piezos in Cigar Box GuitarsRod piezos are not as sensitive (or “hot”) as disk piezos. They work best when built into a cigar box guitar (or store-bought guitar) bridge, with the saddle pressing directly down on them so they get as much direct pressure and vibration from the strings as possible.

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