How to Build a Simple Cigar Box Guitar, Start to Finish – by Glenn Watt

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Glenn has been working hard creating great content and posting it on his blog over at, and this latest contribution definitely raises the bar. In this post, Glenn walks you through building a simple 3-string cigar box guitar from start to finish, with clear instructions and photos for every step of the way.

Topics covered in this walk-through include:

  • The tools and parts you’ll need (with suggestions on where to get them)
  • Marking and cutting the cigar box
  • Forming and fitting the neck
  • Installing hardware
  • Stringing and tuning

Glenn has a very low-key, approachable teaching style and way of explaining things that may seem complex at first. So if you have been thinking about building your first cigar box guitar, check these plans out and you’ll be well on your way. While you’re there, be sure to look at some of the other how-to resources Glenn has, including other how-to-build articles and videos, and also a growing library of how-to-play resources as well.

The Free Plans that Launched the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution

Free Cigar Box Guitar PlansThese free plans, originally written by Ivan Sucharsky and recently updated, have been the starting point for thousands of new cigar box guitar builders. Based on the original cigar box guitar plans formulated by Shane Speal, they have been edited to bring them up to date and re-published on is the home of the cigar box guitar and homemade/handmade music movement on the Internet, and if you haven’t checked it out (or haven’t visited for a while), you should click on over and give it a look. Also the Cigar Box Nation Facebook Page is the premier news magazine for all things CBG and homemade instrument related, with multiple news items, articles and features every day!

Free Cigar Box Guitar Plans

How to Build a 3-string Cigar Box GuitarA new set of free plans for 3-string cigar box guitars has just been added to our knowledgebase library here on Written by Ben “C. B. Gitty” Baker, these 8 pages of how-to walk you through the process building your first 3-string slide cigar box guitar. A complete list of all the parts and tools you’ll need is included, along with links and tips on where to get some of the parts. The assembly steps are clear and easy to follow, with lots of photos to help you along the way.

It has never been easier to build your own cigar box guitar. YOU CAN DO IT!