Give This Free Woodshop Certificate To A Loved One

Free Woodshop Certificate

Invite a grandchild, a spouse, or another loved one into your woodshop to build a cigar box guitar or another handmade musical instrument.

Include this certificate with a C. B. Gitty DIY kit to introduce your loved one to the joy of building cigar box guitars.

Share your woodshop knowledge and pass down a tradition, especially if that tradition started with you.

Download this certificate to give with your gifts this year.

Or make this certificate the gift you give.

There may be no better way to build a relationship than to build a cigar box guitar with someone you love.

Click the image below to download the free PDF, and print as many as you’d like.

Let the giving season last all year long with this gift of your time, attention, and love.

Free Woodshop Certificate Download