Daily Tip: The Most Popular Tuning for Cigar Box Guitars

Open G GDG Cigar Box Guitar StringsOpen G “GDG” is one of the most popular tunings (if not THE most popular) for 3-string cigar box guitars. For a CBG with a scale length between 24 and 26 inches, use these string sizes: .042” (Low G), .030” (Middle D), .009” (High G). This is one of our most popular Southbound String Co. string sets.

We have much more info about strings and tunings for cigar box guitars in our knowledgebase. Click here to browse through them.

2 thoughts on “Daily Tip: The Most Popular Tuning for Cigar Box Guitars”

  1. String size certainly affects the overall sound of an instrument. Larger wound strings will give it a lower sound, smaller unwound strings will give it a higher, more treble sound.

  2. When I bought my cigar box it was fitted with DGB strings, I tried to install ADG strings but couldn’t get it to sound right, does the thickness of the strings effect the way it sounds? It was a lot deeper with the new strings, is this just the norm or am I doing something stupid??
    Any help will be great

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