Build a One-Tube Cigar Box Amplifier (Vintage Plans from 1954)

We love vintage plans, especially ones from the Eisenhower Era.  Here’s another one to drool over and explore: a One-Tube cigar box amp!  The plans were first published in Science and Mechanics, Feb. 1954.  We’ve taken a scan of them, cleaned them up and put it all together in one downloadable .pdf file below.

The plans suggest that the amp can be used for a phonograph and call for a phono jack as an input.  Simply swap it out for a 1/4″ guitar jack and you’re in business.

NOTES ON THE TRANSFORMER:  The plans call for an output transformer with a 2500 ohm primary and a 3-5 ohm secondary.  Because these are not sold anymore, a discussion in the Antique Radio Forum was started to solve the dilemma. See their posts and solutions here.

To get a sci-fi look to your amp like the one above, check out our feature, Cigar Box Amp Mods

We should note that wiring with tubes can be dangerous.  We present these plans as archival material and do not assume responsibility.  For a safe alternative to tube amp construction, we suggest the C. B. Gitty solid state 2.5 watt amp kit.

One Tube Cigar Box Amplifier – 1954

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