The 4 Pillars of Cigar Box Guitar Building…

…and one sweet tip to turn a mistake into a satisfying win

Building your cigar box guitar is built on these four pillars of success:

  • Ideation
  • Creation
  • Development
  • Iteration

Ideation gets the imagination flowing

What do you picture the guitar to look like? How many strings does it have? What kind of wood do you see being used for the neck? Does it have a fretboard or will the guitar be intended solely for your slick and sultry slide skills.

Creation brings life to the idea

Let’s say you run a dowel through a box. You pop some rivets in the tail and some tuners on the other end. After running a couple of heavy wound strings over the dowel you have for a bridge and screws serving as the nut, you’ve got a simple yet powerful two string slide guitar.

Development is the crucial maturation of the creation Continue reading “The 4 Pillars of Cigar Box Guitar Building…”

The Simplicity of the Cigar Box Guitar

by Glenn Watt

It’s the feel of your favorite bathrobe with a hot cup of coffee steaming in your hand on a morning when you can take your time to get your day going.

It’s the feel of a cold can of your go-to beer, the pop of the top, the condensation wetting your hand before sitting down in your chair to watch your favorite team for the afternoon.

It’s your old dog, faithful and loving, sitting next to you, waiting with loyal eyes to heed your every word.

The situations are all comfortable. Simple. They feel timeless and like they are all your own. Continue reading “The Simplicity of the Cigar Box Guitar”

Got a Cramped Workspace? Here’s 4 Tips to Make the Most of It

drawers on an organizing bin

Have you got a tiny little workshop? Have your building projects been relegated to a closet-sized area in the home? Do you feel like you are trying to fit a massive holiday family dinner for the whole clan onto a quaint little table for two?

It is crucial for you to find the best way to use the space you have. Doing so will allow you to set your table with the necessary standards to feast upon the sublime gratification that is building your cigar box guitar.

Follow my four tips to overcome the obstacle of space limitation and enjoy the time you have in your own little workshop


fisheye view of my cramped workspace

Organize Your Space

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