“I Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash-Open G GDG Cigar Box Guitar Tab

Presented by the Southbound String Company. Strings specifically voiced for your Cigar Box Guitar!

One of the most recognizable songs of the 20th century, “I Walk the Line” was Johnny Cash’s first #1 hit on the Billboard music charts in 1956. In interviews, he presented that the song was about being faithful and true to his ideals, and those that believed in him.

The original song is a bit more complex, encompassing several key changes and some unique chord progressions. Here we present a PDF that contains the basic melody line, designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels.  You’ll be able to play and sing along with this in no time!

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I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash - Cigar Box Guitar Tabs PDF

The “Marine’s Hymn” – Tablature for One-String Canjo

C. B. Gitty’s “Eagle and Flag” Canjo is perfect for this classic hymn.

Perhaps one of the most recognized Armed Forces in the world, the United States Marine Corps has served our country faithfully since the birth of the nation.

The “Marine’s Hymn” has served as the official hymn of the USMC since 1928, but it’s history and ties to the Corps stretch back to the mid-1800s when it was introduced by Francesco Maria Scala, the first Direct of the USMC Band.

The song itself, is comprised of lyrics of unknown origin from 19th century, while the melody was appropriated from an opera composed by Jacques Offenbach in 1867.

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Beethoven’s Fur Elise – Tablature for GDG Cigar Box Guitars

Presented by the Southbound String Company. Strings specifically voiced for your Cigar Box Guitar!

Fur Elise is one of the most famous and easily recognized classical music masterpieces of all time by legendary composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

The arrangement we present here is a fairly simple melody intended for Cigar Box Guitars tuned to open G (GDG), accented by an open chord at the beginning of each section.

It will require a little movement around the neck, with one or two finger stretches that will take a little practicing, but the end result is definitely worth the work!

As a 1-5-1 tuning, this can be adapted to any open-style tuning as well, giving it added versatility.

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Fur Elise by Ludwig von Beethoven 3-string Cigar Box Guitar Tablature PDF

How to Build a Washtub Bass with Ben “Gitty” Baker

The washtub bass and variations of the design have been used all around the world for centuries. They are a great way to provide a rhythm that that can have audiences stamping their feet in no time.

The design that we are most familiar with, the simple stick on a upturned washtub with a piece of wire and a broomstick, was a staple of jug bands in the early 1900s. Like many instruments of the era, they were constructed out of whatever materials were available.

In this video, Ben “Gitty” Baker shows you how easy it can be to build one of these timeless instruments. He also gives a suggestion on how to electrify it, lending the instrument even more versatility!


Glenn Watt’s How to Build a Cigar Box Guitar

This kit from CB Gitty has everything you’ll need to build a basic 3-string Cigar Box Guitar!

Glenn Watt’s how-to video is a great way to introduce new builders into the wold of homemade guitars.

Since being released almost 2 years ago, the video has helped thousands of builders get their start with this wonderful instrument.

Check out Glenns’ video below, and see how easy it can be to build a 3-String Cigar Box Guitar, using only basic tools!

Auld Lang Syne – Cigar Box Guitar Tab for Open G by Glenn Watt

Auld Lang Syne is a well known poem penned in 1788 by famed Scottish Poet, Robert “Robbie” Burns. Parts of the original poem were derived from ballads that Burns had compiled into one piece and is paired with a traditional folk tune.

Commonly known as the tune farewell to the past year during New Year celebrations, Auld Lang Syne roughly translates to Long Long Ago, and is a song about farewell and remembrance.

It is a great song for beginners and experienced players alike, and Glenn boils it down beautifully with tabs for the basic melody, as well as a secondary measure that includes accompanying chords.

There is also a bonus How-to Play video that walks you through how to play this beautiful song!

Aule Lang Syne - Melody Only - Click Image to view PDF
Auld Lang Syne – Melody Only – Click Image to view PDF



Auld Lang Syne - Melody and Chords - Click image to view PDF
Auld Lang Syne – Melody and Chords – Click image to view PDF


Add a Gain Pot to your Cigar Box Amplifier

These amplifier kits are the perfect pairing for your Cigar Box Guitar. Check out C. B. Gitty’s full kit by clicking the image above!

In this video, Ben “Gitty” Baker and Glenn Watt illustrate how easy it is to increase the versatility of the 2.5 watt amplifier boards that are the heart of their Cigar Box Amplifiers.

By removing the on-board trim pot and replacing it with a linear-taper audio pot, you will get better tone control, making your amplifier more versatile by helping to dial in the perfect sound.

Click here to find out how to add a gain pot to your next amplifier!

How to build an Electric Diddley Bow

A year ago yesterday, Gitty took to Cigar Box Nation TV to illustrate how you can to build a simple Diddley Bow, using what you have lying around. And, toward the end, gets crazy with adding different gadgets to it.

You don’t want to miss this!

Have you built a Diddley Bow before? What materials did you use? Let us know in the comments below!

Don’t Fret About Fretting Your Cigar Box Guitar

C. B. Gitty’s Complete Fretting Kit provides everything you need to get started!

Adding frets to your Cigar Box Guitar expands the instruments versatility and has been proven to make them more attractive to potential buyers. It can also pose unique challenges during construction that can be intimidating to newer builders.

It doesn’t have to be!

In what was originally a 4-part video series, Ben “Gitty” Baker brings you a step-by-step breakdown of the fretting process. From determining the scale length of your instrument, to the fine detail of the dressing the frets for optimal comfort and playability.

PLUS: The tips here can be applied to any instrument with frets. From Canjos to Ukuleles, this guide is sure to help. Fretting has never been more accessible!

Check out Gitty’s Guide to Fretting in the new Knowledge base entry!

How To Video: Using Capacitors with Piezo Pickups

Need Capacitors for your next build? C. B. Gitty has you covered! Click the image to see their selection.

Piezo pickups are a great way to electrify your Cigar Box Guitar. Installation can be as simple as gluing the disc in place and drilling the hole for the jack.

This style of pickup puts out a respectable sound, but can sometimes be a little rough around the edges.

This video aims to explain you how a simple Capacitor can help reduce feedback and improve the tone of your guitar, as well as how to go about installing one.

The best part about this is they are generally easy to find and don’t cost an arm an a leg!

Click here to check out the video featuring Ben “Gitty” Baker and Glenn Watt!