Honky Tonk Women by The Rolling Stones – 3-string Open G GDG – Tablature for Cigar Box Guitars

Open G GDG Listing ImageThe tablature in the PDF link below will show you exactly how to play the melody and chords for the song Honky Tonk Women, written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and recorded by The Rolling Stones. This is a classic rock and roll anthem through and through – from the starting cowbell solo to the unforgettable lyrics to every one of the instantly recognizable guitar licks throughout.

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We also have a video by Glenn Watt that shows you how to read and play this style of 3-string CBG tablature: click here to view it!

Gitty also recorded an MP3 of himself playing this song, if you want to get an idea of how it sounds:

Click this link or the image below to view the printable PDF: Honky TonkWomen by the Rolling Stones – Cigar Box Guitar Tablature

Honky Tonk Women by The Rolling Stones - Tablature for Cigar Box Guitars