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Everything Cigar Box Guitar – How to Build, How to Play, News & More

Cigar Box InstrumentsWelcome to CigarBoxGuitar.com, the headquarters of all things related to Cigar Box Guitars and the homemade/handmade music revolution! 

Here are some handy links to help you find what you need on this site:

Blank 3-string Tablature Sheet for Cigar Box Guitar Tab

Blank 3-string Tab SheetWe just added a nice new freebie to the knowledgebase library: a blank tab sheet for 3-string cigar box guitars that you can download and print out for making your own tab! C. B. Gitty created this a while back for working out some of the tab that gets posted here in CigarBoxGuitar.com, and now you can use it too. Just click the image to the left to view the knowledgebase entry, then you can download the tab sheet itself for printing or sharing. Enjoy!

3 New Cigar Box Ukulele Lessons: In the Pines, Midnight Special and Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die

One-hand Dan RussellWe’ve just added three new video how-to lessons for Cigar Box Ukulele to the knowledgebase. Dan walks you through playing these three songs with his usual wit and gusto. Two of them are old traditional songs that have been recorded many times over the years, and the third one is a much more recent composition by none other than Willie Nelson.

Click the links below to see the knowledgebase entries for each of these three lessons:

Daily Tip: Choosing a Volume Pot for your Cigar Box Guitar

A 500KOhm Potentiometer Volume Control for Cigar Box GuitarsYou can use either 250KOhm, 500KOhm or 1000KOhm (1MOhm) audio-taper potentiometers (pots) for disk piezo volume controls in cigar box guitars. C. B. Gitty recommends the 500KOhm, but it is always good to do some experimenting to discover your own preferences.

To learn much more about wiring cigar box guitars with piezos and magnetic pickups, check out the related category in our knowledgebase!

Photo of Ballet Dancers from 1924 with a Cigar Box Guitar

Here’s a neat old photograph from our Vintage Photos archive. It was originally a black and white and was colorized at some point. The caption on the original read “These are dancers of the National American Ballet in 1924, relaxing with some music in a meadow in their down time.” Notice the girl in the center with the cigar box guitar!

1924 Ballet Troup with Cigar Box Guitar - Colorized

You can see more cool pictures of cigar box guitars and other homemade instruments in the Vintage Photos section of our knowledgebase

Daily Tip: Use Hot Glue to hold Sound Hole Inserts in place on Cigar Box Guitars

Cigar Box Guitar Sound Hole GrommetWhen using grommets as sound hole inserts on cigar box guitars, a great way to hold them in place is to drill a hole of appropriate size and then use hot glue from the back to cement it in place.

Try to keep the hot glue from getting into the opening of the grommet, to keep it from being visible from the front of the guitar. If you do get a little messy, use a sharp razor to trim the excess away.

For more ideas on how to add some decorative “bling” to your next cigar box guitar build, check out this knowledgebase article.