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Shane Speal: “3 Songs & a Story” – the songwriter series

CBGitty.com asked musicians what three songs are they most proud to have written and why.  The first in the series features Shane Speal, King of the Cigar Box Guitar.  He selected three songs for their lyrical content and explains why.

The songs are:

  • Mother Leeds – from the album Shane Speal: 12 Stones
  • These Frustrating Blues – from the album Jug Fusion: The Complete Sessions
  • Tattoo of You – from the album Shane Speal: 12 Stones

You can buy downloads of each song at http://shanespeal.com/shop-music

Insane one-string guitar made from a 2×4

Known as the diddley bow, the one-string guitar is the oldest of the blues instruments.  Bluesmen such as Robert Johnson, Albert King and many others have started out on these primitive instruments.  However, this example is an over-the-top electrified version.

Built and played by Shane Speal, the guitar is backed by a drum beat.  Speal performs licks by Jimi Hendrix, Dick Dale, Ted Nugent and others in this wild performance.