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Footstompers, Tin Can Mics & More Tested at Shane Speal’s Studio

Today’s episode of Cigar Box Nation TV features Shane Speal and his bandmates, Farmer Jon (washtub bass) and Derick Kemper (harmonica) trying out new instrument inventions and kits.  Featured are the upcoming C. B. Gitty Tin Can Microphone Kit and the Shane Speal Signature Foot Stomper. They also show off the electrified washtub bass.

This episode was originally broadcast live at http://Facebook.com/CigarBoxNation

It’s Bowmageddon – Gitty Goes Crazy With a Violin Bow!

Cigar Box Nation TV – The BOWING Episode!In this episode of Cigar Box Nation TV, Ben Gitty attacks pretty much everything he can find with violin bows… from a dulcimer (it’s still Dulcimer Week here on CBN TV!) to a one-string Vaudeville fiddle, a one-string gutbucket bass to a banjo… and then it gets weird: metal trash can lid, steel dust pan, and even a 21″ brass cymbal!

Other highlights include a cover of A. J. Gaither’s song “Last Free Exit” (complete with kazoo solo), a replay of Shane and Ben discovering the HORSE FIDDLE in a museum in York, PA and more!

Posted by Cigar Box Nation on Thursday, July 21, 2016