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Anatomy of a Canjo

C. B. Gitty and the American Canjo Company offer fully fretted diatonic necks, perfect for making your own canjo or dulcimer. Click above to find out more and how you can get one for your next project.

Part two of a four part video series, Ben “Gitty” Baker dives into the details of what parts make up a canjo, American Canjo Company’s Diatonic fretting, the “Blue note” and more!

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Ideas and Inspiration for Decorating your Cigar Box Guitars

C. B. Gitty’s Howlin’ Hound Resonator Cigar Box Guitar uses a dog-bowl resonator to great effect, is a great example of how everyday objects can really elevate your build.

Cigar Box Guitars have certainly become an art form in their own right. Builders from all over the world are finding new and exciting ways to decorate and customize their builds.

This article aims to give you some ideas on how you can use some interesting items, gathered from pretty much anywhere, to add a bit of flair to your next build!

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Need ideas or inspiration for your next build, or just want to see what other awesome creations others have come up with?

Check out the Customer Gallery over at C. B. Gitty. You can even submit your own project!

Shane Speal’s Famous Blues Licks and Turnarounds for Cigar Box Guitar

Adding in your own spin on a well-recognized Blues riff can certainly help take your Cigar Box Guitars to a new level and may even present more compelling evidence that whomever is hearing it NEEDS that cigar box guitar in their life.

Shane Speal presents a series of 5 how-to play videos designed to teach you some of the most common blues riffs for your Open G (GDG) Cigar Box Guitar.

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Exploring “Open A” AEA tuning on your Cigar Box Guitar

Open A (AEA) tuning is not as commonly used as other 1-5-1 tunings, but it still has it’s place as an option for those that want to try something different with their Cigar Box Guitars.

This article will give you a good grounding on the type and size of strings you will need for this tuning, as well as some sound bites on what you can expect from each string.

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Anatomy of a Guitar Tuner by Glenn Watt

3 open gear tunersTuning machines are an important part of a cigar box guitar. They help keep the string at the right tension, so that it stays in tune while playing.

In this article, Glenn lays out three key points in an effort to help educate builders on how a tuner works:

  • the anatomy of a tuner
  • how you identify which direction a tuner is oriented
  • why the orientation of a tuner is important

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“Royals” by Lorde – Tablature for 3-string Cigar Box Guitars

Cigar Box Guitars are very versatile instruments and can be utilized to play a wide variety of music styles. Below you will find a link to a tab for one of 2013’s smash hits, “Royals” from New Zealand artist Lorde.

This truly showcases the incredible adaptability of these magnificent instruments.

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